Silent Storm

It’s pretty obvious we can’t survive in this world alone. Genuine happiness shared between those we hold dear, is what we all are so passionate around.

   I can’t seem to figure out , for I too struggle with this. However, why do most if not all of us stay with this protective circumference withdrawing from a true connection, simply to assure that no one will truly know us and/or have an opportunity to hurt us?

If that very thing we yearn for contributes to our strength, ultimately makes us happy and/or be a solution to it all, why do we continue to stay guarded?

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MJ, Author of newly released, Speechless: #NostalgicBliss, an installment of the Speechless poetic omnibus. Future publications from this author include the upcoming books in the series, #UneasyThoughts, #NostalgicBlissII, and #Turbulence. Aside from pursuing her dream of being a published author, MJ is a passionate cook / aspiring chef with the a sentiment for traveling, the outdoors, experiencing new things, and enjoying life.

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