Are “Soulmates” a real thing?

Soulmate – A person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

Is this even a thing? If so, how can we be so sure? How do one determine another to be the chosen one? Are there clear indications such as signs, feelings, and etc? Most importantly, can a soulmate be found in the multitude?

I feel anyone can be your soulmate, if willing. Like minds, with like goals, and morals can easily mesh into something explosively intense. ..fierce and limitless…

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MJ, Author of newly released, Speechless: #NostalgicBliss, an installment of the Speechless poetic omnibus. Future publications from this author include the upcoming books in the series, #UneasyThoughts, #NostalgicBlissII, and #Turbulence. Aside from pursuing her dream of being a published author, MJ is a passionate cook / aspiring chef with the a sentiment for traveling, the outdoors, experiencing new things, and enjoying life.

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